Clients' Testimonials


Working with Megan and Sam was the best choice we made on our search for our first home. They were extremely committed to finding us a home we were happy with and went above and beyond to do so. They genuinely cared about our family and we would not have found the home we did with another agent.

Rachel & Steve

Megan and Sam are the MVP's/all stars you must have on your home search dream team. As a first time home buyer during the pandemic, I was scared and unfamiliar with the process. Right from day one, Megan spent an entire evening understanding who I am, my lifestyle and aspirations so we can find the dream home that fits my needs. When you work with Team Sheppard you are signing up for quality service, professionalism, enthusiasm/passion and a team who will go to the moon and back to help you get your dream home. Megan and Sam became a second family to me and not only was it an absolute pleasure working with them, I am so excited to have made life long friendships!

Tiffany M.

Our experiences working with Team Sheppard have been wonderful. In 2020 we sold our home in Bracebridge and the styling and staging Megan provided helped attract a record-breaking sale price for our neighbourhood. In 2021 we worked with Team Sheppard again, this time to selling a one-of-a-kind Muskoka property with a private lake. Megan and Samantha created an exceptional marketing campaign providing our listing with international exposure to prospective buyers from all over the world. They attracted three offers and we received over the asking price. Their keen knowledge of the market, inventive marketing concepts and abundant enthusiasm make them a dream to work with.

Scott & Lorin

We were referred to Megan by a good friend. She described her as, "the hardest worker you'll ever meet." We can absolutely verify that this is true. We started working her Megan and her team a few years ago when we were selling our condo and looking for a new house. With young kids, this task can be absolutely daunting. But Megan helped answer all of our questions and went above and beyond to help us with everything and anything. Any time a challenge came up, she would send me a message and say, "handled." This word really describes her work ethic, she works so hard and just gets it done! Megan is trustworthy, transparent, honest and reliable, all characteristics that are an absolute must for a realtor. She works with her head, and her heart. I've referred her to a few friends since and they have all had the same amazing experience. 

Amy & Caesar

Our experience with Team Sheppard was great. As first time buyers, we were provided with a comprehensive walk through of the home buying process and we were also provided with valuable insights to assist us in making informed decisions and executing on them. We ended up with a condo that we previously hadn’t considered, and it turned out to be a great fit for us! We are very happy with our new home, and also very happy with the results of referring friends to Team Sheppard. In addition to the Team’s exceptional competence, Megan and Sam are a joy to be around. Thank you Team Sheppard!  

Sean & Kristen

We met Megan by chance while scouting our neighbour’s condo listing and she stood out immediately. Not only does she possess an unparalleled enthusiasm and knowledge for homes, she is an extremely charismatic and entertaining person to be around.

As first time sellers and on the hunt for a family home, we were very anxious and green to the whole process of working with a realtor. Megan took us under her wing, got to know our tastes, our timelines, and was most importantly genuinely interested in us as people. Beyond presenting us with unique homes regularly, she was completely open about her process, teaching us how to research sales and listings, and understand comparables, making the whole process feel extremely empowering. She provided us with the knowledge and the language to be able to have conversations with selling agents, brokers, and lawyers. And each time we decided to make an offer, she spent the time and care to make it feel honest and personal.

At every open house we attended together, there seemed to be at least a handful of people who knew her, and who were delighted to run into her - we truly felt special to be in her company.
She consistently made us feel like we were a part of the family, and the strength of her team was apparent - if she wasn’t available (which was rare), Samantha eagerly stepped in without a blink.

After nearly a year of us passing on all options she presented us with, her investment in us remained the same. Making the jump was an emotional journey for us, and she was always attuned to that aspect, never pushing us beyond our comfort levels. She truly believed that we would find the right home, in the right time.

Eventually, we did find the house of our dreams and needed to sell our condo in a very short time frame. She helped us navigate every step - staging it very thoughtfully, and providing endless resources; moving companies, storage units, painters, mortgage brokers, inspectors, plasterers, etc.  By no surprise, all of her contacts were exceptional at their jobs and just as personable and reliable.

It’s been three years since we moved into our home, and Megan still checks in regularly, calls for birthdays, pops by for porch hellos, and was one of the first people to meet our daughter when she was born. She is an absolute gift to the real estate industry and a gem of a human being, and we feel eternally grateful to have had her guide us through the journey of finding our home.

To say Megan and team Sheppard truly care about their clients is an understatement, and we recommend them whole-heartedly.

Emilie & Kris

Megan and the Sheppard team were a pleasure to deal with over the course of our last 3 real estate transactions. They have consistently been responsive,  attentive and informative. We value their years of real estate experience and have recommended them to friends and family.

Jeff & Janis

My partner and I are SO glad our friends recommended Megan when we were looking to buy a home in 2020. It took us about 6 months and close to a dozen house visits before we found one we knew was right for us. Megan was so incredibly patient during that whole time and not once did she pressure us into buying something we weren't quite sure of. She'd encourage us to keep looking until we were absolutely certain we had the right one for us. All this mind you during the pandemic when everything needed extra effort for safety - she was incredible in coordinating and making us feel safe when we needed an in person visit for decision making. Another thing that truly impressed us was how _available_ and pro-active Megan was. We would call to tell her we had a unit we wanted to check out - thinking we could make an appointment for a few days later - and her response would be, "Sure,  you want to go there in an hour's time?". This meant we could usually get an offer in earlier than other buyers (thanks also to Megan's wonderful sister Samantha who worked at lightening speed on paperwork.) Would absolutely recommend the Sheppard Team - they helped us get the home we wanted at the price we liked!

Nishant & Swetha

Team Sheppard was my broker in the recent purchase of a sizable acreage and private lake in Muskoka. Meagan Sheppard was not only thorough in her preparation and the completion of this purchase, she assisted me in dealing with zoning issues and avoiding possible problems. When an eleventh-hour problem arose after-hours the night before closing, she was instrumental in resolving the issue within a day. Even after closing the deal, she continued to help by introducing me to neighbours and the community. I have come to see her as more than an agent but also as a friend.


Megan is a pleasure to work with! My husband and I had so much fun finding our dream home with her. She made the experience so enjoyable and truly went above and beyond to make sure that we found a home that was everything we wanted. We would highly recommend her!  

Shane & Adelle

We moved to Canada in 2017 and have known Megan from our very first week in Canada. We still remember how she spent more than 2 hours with us, late in the evening on a Saturday, the first time we met to understand what we were looking for exactly in the first home we rented. She spent many late nights and went above and beyond, even when we were out of town, to ensure we didn’t miss out on buying our dream home. She’s not only the best real estate expert we’ve ever known, but also a great friend who has become an integral part of our group of friends and has helped each one of them find their dream home! We couldn’t be more thankful to all the effort she has put in for us and all the advice she has given us to help make our home-ownership dreams come true. 

Sri & Aniket

I could have not worked with a more caring and understanding agent than Megan Sheppard. Megan helped me through the sale of my condo and that was a very emotional time for me.

Team Sheppard
Team Sheppard
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