Shep Knows Real Estate!

Shep started in the real estate business at the age of 22 years old. He has spent his entire adult life recommending that people invest in real estate in Toronto. Shep makes the process of buying and selling real estate easy. He has that ability to simplify things, so clients truly understand, such that they feel confident in making their decisions, and he helps them avoid problems too.

Shep is the co-founder of RE/MAX Hallmark which boasts over 650 agents, with offices in many of Toronto’s best neighbourhoods.

Share the Road to Success!

Share has that something special quality, down to earth, down to business, upbeat classy way of being, with an unforgettable smile. She is the go to person at Team Sheppard, a tireless worker who has time and empathy for everyone she meets. Share is a great listener who promises to exceed your expectations.

Megan Makes Miracles Happen!

Megan is often referred to by her clients as an angel. A third generation realtor, she has always had the desire to truly take care of others. Before entering real estate she was a registered massage therapist and yoga teacher. Megan has the ability to connect with people, her enthusiasm is contagious and drive and energy unparalleled. Her clients testimonials and referrals speak volumes.

Samantha Sings From The Songbook of Life!

Following in the path of her parents and grandparents before her, Samantha was destined to become a real estate agent. Before entering real estate full-time she was a singer songwriter who toured all over North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

For years Samantha was a backpacking, scuba diving, life-celebrating adventurer. Those experiences serve her well today. She is wise and worldly, appreciating and genuinely interested in people from all cultures.

Growing up, Samantha answered the phone and performed office duties at the family-owned RE/MAX Hallmark Brokerage. She has been in the real estate industry in one way or another since the age of 15. Yes, she still loves to travel and perform, signing her unique style of music. She is a passionate advocate for local charities and is beloved within the community she serves.