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The Very Unique Kent Sheppard, and his Influence…

A long time ago I participated in a facilitated meeting of 3 business owners at Strategic Coach….,myself, a lady from the USA, and Kent Sheppard from Toronto.
Oh, we had all been a Coach for many years, but none of us had ever really shared experiences together previously.
Our 30-minute meeting was geared for 3 quick chats for 10 minutes each. In the ten-minute window one of us would state our three biggest concerns, right now, while the other two would listen, possibly sharing some wisdom, counsel or solution. A facilitator would sound a gong every ten minutes to tell us when to switch. I was to go last of the three.

We were part of a group of 60 or so business owners doing the same thing. We were all together in one large classroom, all had broken up into groups of 3. Each group was standing closely together so we could hear each other’s two partners. Our proximity to the next group of three was probably 2 or 3 arm lengths. All groups were talking amongst themselves, all at once, one person talking, two others listening, with the gong going off every ten minutes.
Tumultuous would be a great way to describe it.

In our group of three the first to start was the US-resident lady.
She is a publisher who had been appointed CEO of a very large family business. While her Dad, the founder, had supposedly given her the reins, he kept his fingers in the pie and attended (interfered in) the business every day. Her tear-filled stories of his interference in her efforts to grow the business and bring it into the next century continued waaaay beyond her 10 minutes.
She rattled off not three, not four, but about 20-30 reeeealy important problems. Please recall, there were at least 20 other individuals telling their ‘top three biggest concern’ stories to their groups of 3 at the same time. LOUD!

Kent, the guy standing across from myself and the poor lady in our group of three, was wriggling like Michael Fox as he listened to the litany of woe this lady kept adding to. Finally, he could take it no longer.

Kent twisted one way, then another, and burst out, as only he could do,

The entire room went silent as 59 heads snapped in his direction.

The rest of the room was almost dead silent as they watched Kent exclaim with excitement. Arms flying everywhere, feet dancing as fast as they could beside me, he just yelled out,


Her jaw dropped, the tears were wiped away, she was stunned!
…, and we put our heads down.

In the next 15 minutes we worked, together, to outline the steps she could take to transform each tale of woe into a tale of joy. We already knew all of the steps, she just had not taken very many of them…, yet.

Last I saw her was about 4 years ago. Her Dad had retired comfortably. She’d taken all the steps, and more. The business had grown over 10 times, life was extraordinary.

Kent Sheppard, the guy who had started that particular business transformation, had previously founded a very successful company of his own.

His outburst, his wonderful spark of influence, transforms lives in geographic areas he probably cannot even imagine on to this day.

Thanks Kent for your spontaneity, your experience, and your energy. You don’t just help families and individuals build Futures and Memories, you help transform lives.

With Gratitude,
Jay Paterson,
Co-Founder, Empowered Wealth Canada,

Our “Shared experience”

Share made our buying and moving experience such a pleasant one! As near-newly-weds, we had a lot on our plate and Share helped us every step of the way. Her market knowledge and coaching went above and beyond in ensuring we landed our dream home in our favourite neighbourhood in Toronto. After we moved in, she ensured that we were truly happy with our decision and helped get us settled in. We would happily recommend her, especially in this crazy real-estate market.

Let’s all grab a drink soon!

Rob & Kerri

Buying a house in the Toronto market can be overwhelming. Working with Share and her team to buy a home was a unique experience. She takes the time to understand who you are, and what you & your family need. Business savvy, experience and a genuine personal touch makes for a powerful combo!

The neighbourhood continues to be everything I’d hoped and more..

Thank-you Share
Natalie & family – Moved to Toronto from Waterloo, Summer 2016

In a sea of realtors it’s overwhelming to know which one to choose. We felt this way until we had the fortunate experience of meeting Share Sheppard. With engaged conversation, we “clicked” within minutes of meeting her. We invited Share to our home to discuss our living options and the connection was very obvious, right from the beginning–she got us. She listened. She connected with us. She observed who we were and with that was able to not only sell our home — way over asking by the way — but found us our dream home on the first visit. Now I can’t guarantee those same quick results (it can take time to find the right home) but what we can guarantee is this: In the competitive market that Toronto is, you want Share Sheppard and her team on your side to negotiate the best options for your family. At the same time, utilize their impressive ability to educate and provide best tactics and strategy to ensure you sell your home for what you want (or even more!!) and get the home you’ve always dreamed of.

I’ve never met a team more innovative and relevant with the current strategies needed in order to snag that house in today’s market. What has made this relationship even better, and why we have nothing but praise for the Sheppard family, is the genuine care and support they provide after the buying and selling has already happened. Share is an incredibly talented real estate agent and wonderful person that we were privileged to have met.

Thank you Share and your team for changing our lives and delivering every word you promised us!

Working with Megan when looking for our first home was an absolute pleasure.  We didn’t really know what to expect, or what we were doing, and she made us feel completely at ease and comfortable during the entire process.  She really took the time to make sure she knew what we were looking for, and what we weren’t.  Thank you so much to Megan and the entire team, they made this sometimes stressful process much easier on us.  Megan must have a little bit of magic in her, because just when we were feeling the most discouraged about finding something in our price range, she found us a house that was everything we wanted and more, right in our preferred neighbourhood.  We couldn’t be happier, and would recommend working with Megan to anyone!

Jaci and Mike

January 2016

My name is Clarence Yee and you may have seen me being walked by Seamus, my 8 year old Irish Setter.

I recently sold my home at 507 Logan. I had been thinking of the possibility for some time of selling my home, but I wanted to ensure that I was receiving the maximum value for my property given that it was a bit dated and not kept up to the standards of the neighbourhood.

I will never forget the day that I met Share as she promised to transform my house and achieve top dollar for the property. Share and Team Sheppard did a fabulous job in preparation, staging and marketing and helped me get considerably more than I would have if I had sold my house in its original condition as-is.

I can’t thank Share and Team Sheppard enough for all they have done for me!

I highly recommend them as they changed my home…and changed my life.

Clarence Yee

We had the pleasure of working with Megan Sheppard at Remax Hallmark for the sale of our condo as well as for the purchase of our first house in 2015.

We were both filled with much apprehension at the daunting task ahead of us but thanks to Megan’s reassuring smile and expertise helped us navigate this crazy housing market.

Megan set out a flexible plan for us to get our condo ready for sale by providing us with reasonable timelines to declutter our condo to obtain the best price.    She expertly staged our condo without significant disruption to our lives by ensuring the space was marketable but still looked like our home.  Her meticulous attention for all details and answering our numerous questions as first time sellers made this transition an exciting time in our lives.  Our condo sold quickly and at the price we wanted.  Her willingness to rearrange her schedule to accommodate us at a moment’s notice made us feel confident and at ease when we sold our home.

Working together to buy our first house was easier than we thought thanks to Megan’s enthusiasm and her belief that our house would find us.  She was never aggressive or pushed us to see homes that we didn’t like.  She always made sure to send us listings that suited our needs or found “hidden gems” that we wouldn’t have otherwise had access to.  Thanks to Megan, we found our home after only a month of looking and purchased our dream home under the asking price!  When you get to know Megan you truly are making a new friend as she authentically listens and truly understands what a life changing moment it is when you buy your first home.  We are so grateful to Megan and Team Sheppard!

Genane & Mark Peniak

Selling or buying a home is very personal, Share Sheppard takes the stress out of this, by understanding what your needs are, and making you feel very comfortable.

She is dedicated, hardworking, energetic ball of enthusiasm that wants to exceed expectations and deliver excellence in customer service. Always a leader,setting new standards of performance levels for herself and for others to follow. Share, epitomises discipline, focus, and passion.

Relentless efficiency, class and respect for her clients.

I have already referred her to my friends.

Julie Sutton